That's Mrs. Harper Parker

That's Mrs. Harper Parker

That's Mrs. Harper Parker


The time leading up to our wedding was a combination of many emotions & relaxing was definitely not one of them. Tyler and I got engaged last September, shortly after finding out we were expecting a baby boy (my second, his first). We very quickly decided on a more intimate destination wedding, as a large soiree was out of the question budget wise and we did not want strangers at our wedding or to have to catch up with anyone we had to invite out of obligation. We wanted our guest list tight, no catching up on life events, and no need to entertain. We wanted to have an intimate setting, under a big white tent with delicious food, overflowing drinks, flowers everywhere and those that truly made an effort to be in our lives on the regular. In taking on the planning, coordination and flowers for my own wedding while newly pregnant I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into. Having been in this industry for 5 years I knew it would be difficult, but we were working within a budget and I decided that this was the best way to stay within it. Plus how could I let someone else do something I was fully capable of and had been pinning and dreaming about for years. 


The planning took a full year, pregnant wedding dress shopping was not easy, but it was a challenge... and I love a challenge. When things didn't work out others fell into place. We decided upon Maui, which seemed like the most fun for our short but sweet guest list of 40, and for us as a family, and we dove right in with the planning. We managed to take a "babymoon" wedding planning trip in February to meet with our vendors and finalize all of the details before the baby came which was rid me of the unknown stresses on my mind. There comes a time when the wedding week arrives where things come up that are out of your hands and you just have take what’s being thrown and roll with it. You have to realize and come to terms with the harsh reality that your vendors may not meet your expectations, two hurricanes may be heading your way, and the house you rented isn't quite what it seemed. These were all things we dealt with in the few days before our wedding, but rain or shine, we were going to get married whether it was under the dreamy beautiful white tent with hung chandeliers and candle light or in a family friends mosquito ridden guest house. We were going to make it happen, and we did. Navigating my stresses was something I usually am good with. Being a mother to an infant and toddler and owning a business brings about stresses all day long, so I feel like I should have been equipped to deal with this situation but I was not at all. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without my friends who all pulled together to call every indoor venue on the island of Maui. A stranger called me, this guy who worked with one of the venues we had reached out to and gave me some unsolicited advice. He reminded me of the mantra my midwife chanted to me between contractions, the mantra my son sings to himself while riding his bike after watching Frozen and that is… LET IT GO. It literally was all that I could do. 


The weather luckily made a swift change heading North just in time for our big day...literally at 6am the day of our wedding our rentals vendor decided they would in fact show up for us after threatening not to. We could not have gotten through this, set up the evening or broken things down without the help of our family and friends who trekked some all the way even from New York to be with us. Covered in mud, we danced the night away, took shots of bourbon and swam in our underwear. We were together and that was all that mattered at the end of the most stressful week to date. 

All Photos: Kristy Taylor, Maui Maka Photography


Coordinating & Planning: FGLA EVENTS (Yours Truly)


Venue: The Hui No'Eau

Dress & Veil: Made With Love Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Joanna August

Tux Groom: Brooklyn Tailors

Groomsmen Suits: Brooklyn Tailors

Baby Suits: Phoenix- Amazon, Harrison- Children's Salon

Catering: Private Chefs Maui

Rentals: Set Maui

Minister: Rev Jeanne Council 

Accomodations: Maui Ka'anapali Villas

Hair and Makeup: Kipona Aloha Beauty, Cynthia Rose



Vodka in my Pasta? Yes Please!

Vodka in my Pasta? Yes Please!